Speed hacks WILL NOT WORK under any circumstance
Hey guys recently I upgraded to W7 64bit and no matter what, 0.9.6 or 0.9.7 speed hacks won't work at all Sad my computer specs are far above average and can run FFX and such at 60fps fine but no speed hacks work even on run as admin -.^

google didn't help much, does anyone here have an idea about what I could do to fix the problem? Smile

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Try installing the emulator somewhere else like c:\pcsx2
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Will give it a shot then edit Smile

EDIT: hmm. I uninstalled completely then reinstalled at a new directory, the first time I booted up it did the general directory asking and then when I used the default directory for the memcards etc I used my ones from my first ever set, all goods.

Next I tried selecting an iso which is when it stopped working and crashed, then when I rebooted it had the settings of my last installment of pcsx2 o.o does it keep settings saved in that directory? it has bios, inis, logs, memcards, snaps and sstates in it (the one i've used before)

oh, and it didn't make the speedhacks work Tongue
oh yeah maybe I should have done a new post to indicate something has happened -.-

Look above! Laugh
There is a registry entry for it, but it usually puts stuff in your documents folder.

No need to make a new post, you said you'd edit.
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This thread is confusing like the "Iso" "Plugin" usage is too. If I understood right the problem seems to be you have "Iso" selected but instead selecting the actual ISO only from "Iso selector" you have it mounted somewhere else. If it is the case, just by selecting "Plugin" may solve the issue.

PS: The rules for the actual public release are about those 3 buttons Iso, Plugin and No disc

Iso - It mean an internal ISO reader is used, the image must be selected from "Iso Selector" and MUST NOT be mounted elsewhere.

Plugin - A CDVD plugin is to be actually used, the image is selected from it (Linuz) or mounted in a virtual device and it's driver letter selected on Gigaherz... (that is the combination which generates the crashes when the above "Iso" button is selected)

No disc - Useful to access the PS2 BIOS, like for formatting memcards.
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Well its not W7 64bit, as I'm using the same operating system and it works fine.

Screen-shot and post your speedhack settings if you'd please.
Here's a pic of the console and my speedhacks, uninstalled and deleted everything except bios, default everything, added in speed hacks and still won't work Sad

screenshots of all the config screens pls.
Okay here you go, a bit messy Tongue


No game fixes are active and speedhacks are seen above

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