Speed hacks turned ON by default ... ? (PCSX2 version 1.0)
After installing PCSX2 1.0 (thanks go out to the PCSX2 team for all their work), I saw that speed hacks were enabled all of a sudden. Is this the new default setting? Someone please advise.

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It shouldn't be, but features such as MTVU Speed hack (which utilizes CPUs with >2 cores) are beneficial whereas EE VU Cycle Stealing (the ones with sliders) should be avoided. If you look, there are hacks which say "recommended/not recommended" to be enabled and disabled.
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Hmm. Thanks. Yes, I did see the "recommended" settings in the speed hacks control window. Seems to have lent a boost of sorts to some of my PS2 games.
Yeah we have enabled 3 speed hacks by default, since we have not encountered any game having problems with them
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So why do they not become parts of PCSX2 itself?
I suspect it's because the PCSX2 team wanted to optimize PCSX2 as much as possible while leaving as much room for end-user customization as possible. The speed hacks (as they are at this time) are fine; much better than they were before, and definitely help make my games run that much smoother. Still, there should be some kind of note included in the changelog that explicitly addresses this fundamental change in how PCSX2 is approached (insofar as default settings are concerned); maybe there was some mention of this, but I didn't see anything in the release notes (not at first glance, anyway - I'll look again soon). Thanks again to the PCSX2 team for such a wonderful job with this emulator. Well done!

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