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Speed problem in dbz bt3
I am having problems in running dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 in pcsx2 0.9.6 . The game runs at 60 fps in menus but when fight starts fps falls to 15. I have tried everything possible from my side to run it at full speed but failed. I have tried all plugins and speed hacks but that didn't work. My pc specs are-
Intel dual core 2.5ghz
1 gb ram
intel chipset 945g video card with 256mb memory
I don't have a graphic card like nvidia or ati
I am also attaching dxdiag of my pc for detailed information.
Please tell me the problem as soon as possible.

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Quote:intel chipset 945g video card with 256mb memory
I don't have a graphic card like nvidia or ati

And that's your main problem. Onboard GPU won't be enough for that GPU demanding game.
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Only thing left is to try latest beta, but that won't boost you from 15 FPS to 60 FPS. You'll have to add a dedicated graphics card, something along the lines of a 9600GT will be enough for most games.
Ok but pcsx2 is cpu demanding and is there anyway i can run dbz bt3 upto 40 fps. If yes then please tell me and if no recommend me a good ps2 game that i can play on my pc.
While it is more CPU-intensive in general, it still requires a decent graphics card. It's not as if it purely relies on the CPU...
I'll also add that integrated graphics actually leeches off the CPU itself. Meaning not only would you suffer from the lack of a decent dedicated GPU, it would actually decrease your CPU's performance in terms of clock speed when running the game.

I had an integrated GPU myself and tried a couple of games using a Pentium 4. You might try Kingdom Hearts. It's fairly fast-ish even on slower computers from what i've seen. You might be able to play it.
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Memory- 8GB DDR3
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OS- Windows 10 Pro x64
Okkkkkk on last thing......
If graphic card is needed then i can buy a 512mb nvidia 9400. Is this card enough to play max games on full speed.
No it's really slow. Get at least an 9600.
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(10-17-2009, 07:49 PM)Bositman Wrote: No it's really slow. Get at least an 9600.

thats a beast,you can run most games with a lower video card if you want to run it native i mean,for example i have no problems running games on native Happy
The games you play have very low requirements then. Calling the 9600 'a beast' when you can get one for 70 euro is sad Tongue
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