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Firstly can i say yes i have tried searching for this but no results. Basically i am playing ff12 i had the game on ps2 but i did not finish it (because i was dumb and couldn't figure out the puzzle at the end of the game) so i was like why not i loved playing it so i will use the emulator.
Now 7h in to the game i am getting slightly bored doing the same bounties etc all over again. So speed hacking is my only solution. because it is a ps2 game the fps is tied to the in game clock i have tried disabling frame limiting, vsync is not on, have tried a large variety of seed hack menu option combinations but the best i could get is a half a second jump to 70 fps. So anyone knows how i can increase the in game speed? And before anyone says yes my pc is powerful enough.

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Just saying you have a PC power enough for 120fps in a PS2 emu doesn't make it so. I'm going to have to ask to you list your PS2 specs. You could also softmod your PS2 and get your save file off of your memory card
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Yeah importing the save is not possible because that ps2 is looooong gone. And what specs do you want?
Can't help you if you don't own a PS2
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Why not? Im sure there is a way to lock the frame rate at a higher value or some settings i have missed that make the speed hack menu work.
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Obviously, since you don't own a PS2, you can't legally use it's BIOS, therefore that is piracy.
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