Speedhack question
Why is the speedhack "Enable fast CDVD" not recommended?

I'm guessing some games rely on the timing of the disc drive in such a way that it being to fast can make them wonky(remember having this problem with HD Loader).

Is that it?
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Enable fast CDVD" is not recommended in some games

e.g. Soul Calibur 3's Tutorial mode the game will not freeze/hang but your ISO/game disc will stop reading..
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And i guss have some slowdowns too (possibly in somegames).
Edit - my mean with slowdown is loading time.
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Fast CDVD is not recommended because some games relied on the fixed time a PS2 would take to load something, relied on that for timing. When the hack is activated, that timing is thrown to hell, so these few games will crash/glitch as things are left unloaded.

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