Speedhacks-VU Cycle Stealing
I would like to increase my fps so enabled "VU Cycle Stealing" option "2". As a result I got good fps increase but the problem is that my screen is shaking up and down. I tried different interlacing modes but that doesn't help...

My question is, is there a way to disable this screen shake effect with other setting without disabling "VU Cycle Stealing" on option "2"??

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Probably not. That is a pretty aggressive speedhack. In the same window, tick the mVU flag hack and see if that help. Also, what are your PC specs?
I hate touching the VU Cycle Stealing, except for GoW2 and StoC, which works fine with it. In fact I'd rather play StoC on my PS2.

That hack almost always causes issue.
thats the things about speedhacks that they almost always cause issues especially the VU but some games you can crank the speedhacks to max and you wont notice any side effects but its only rare casesBiggrin
Funny, as long as I keep EE cycle to 2 and Vu to 1 max, I almost always don't get any issue.
(07-07-2012, 03:28 PM)naoan Wrote: Funny, as long as I keep EE cycle to 2 and Vu to 1 max, I almost always don't get any issue.

Varies game to game. Some you can crank everything to the max and have no issues. Some you do something benign and the game says "Nope, not having any of that".
Yes I know but there are a lot of game I've tested, it's a wonder those are the not-"almost-always-cause-issue" one. And no, no matter how slow my game is, I'd never max EE & VU cycle rate, those are only for special case games like SoTC.
after hitting my PS2 games collection to 25 game i noticed that VU cycling is the most game breaking speed hack specially @ level 3
What kind of breaking you're talking about here?
Have you tried toggling interlace modes with F6?

Also I think VU cycle stealing is basically a frameskip in some games. In SOTC for example when you increase VU stealing the game's rFPS limit decreases, hence the choppy animations. It sees a struggling EE and instead of running at 30rFPS it will run at 20rFPS. PCSX2 doesn't show the rFPS though, it only shows vFPS, which will always be 60 regardless if the game's running at 10, 30, or 60 rFPS.

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