Speedhacks doing nothing
When I enable ALL the speedhacks and I go to play Kingdom Hearts NOTHING happens. No speed increase AT ALL. I enable them click apply and then ok. Run CD/DVD run the game, NO SPEED INCREASE. It's the same speed WITHOUT them on.Am I doing something wrong?

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Speedhacks work only with some games. It depends on speedhack you enabled.
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(06-21-2009, 08:55 PM)Nokiaman Wrote: Speedhacks work only with some games. It depends on speedhack you enabled.

I knew that, but I'd think at least ONE would do something, for a popular game like Kingdom Hearts. Is there any other way to speed up games?
specs? plugins? config?
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You, my friend, has a weird game. For me all the speed hacks works as they should with Kingdom Hearts, both with 0.9.6 and with the newest beta. I've seen an increase with ~15 FPS since enabling all speed hacks and customized some other stuff.
Some games wont get much benefit if at all from speedhacks, some might even just introduce glitches. Havent tried them in kingdom hearts myself but if I recall correctly this game could be run with almost perfect speeds without speedhacks on in low hardware anyway, I'm curious thou did you try VU cycle stealing too?
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VU Cycle Stealing is quite a cool feature, it increased my FPS with ~10 in the slowest area in Kingdom Hearts, maxing the FPS to 60.
This might be a silly question but where's the option for VU cycle stealing exactly? Is it in the speed hack section or something else?
My dear sir, you are correct!
Ah, you see, I'm using a different version then. Because I don't have that option.

Which version is that then? I'm using 0.9.6

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