Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy - freeze on mem card load.
Hello, using the latest svn of PCSX2 Sphinx and the cursed mummy freezes on memory card load when starting a new game or loading one.

I checked to see if it was the plugin or the emulator and it seems its the emulator itself I tried the current official release with the latest gsdx svn and its official build and its fine gets past the menu no problem.

But the current PCSX2 SVN build with other graphics plugins or builds of gsdx freezes on same spot every time.

Not sure whats causing it to bug out but I would like to try the game on the latest svn since it tends to run games faster for me, the games a little slow on the old official release.

Anyhow just a heads up so it might get a chance to be fixed before the next official build comes out since I know the game isn't all that popular I wasn't sure this would ever get any attention. One of my favorite games though!

If you know a way to get the game working or need me to post anything lemme know.Biggrin

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