Spider-man 2 errors with d3d plugins...
Spider-man 2 appears to have graphical corruption when using the D3D hardware plugins. Has anyone had success getting this to work without putting it into software mode? The main reason I'm interested in getting this to work in PCSX2 is to be able to play it in a higher resolution than my PS2. Considering this is a game I've wanted to play in HD for awhile, PCSX2 is probably my best bet.

I've also tried zzogl, but that crashes after entering my name.

So, I'm hoping there is a config under the hardware setting that might be tweaked to enable the game to deal with the graphical weirdness.

Are there any other plugins any would recommend to see if they can work around this, or is there any way to change from the native resolution when running in software? I have a pretty beefy box, so would be worth trying to see if I can clean up some of the jaggies and such.

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Maybe give the latest SVN a try.
Sadly, the latest SVN didn't improve the situation. It sucks that the PC version was such a pathetic port, as that would be ideal...well, I guess I'll have to wait and hope that it'll get fixed.
I've reported the hardware mode errors under the GSdx forum here, let's hope this gets fixed, really want to play this game and it looks too ugly at native res!

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