Splinter Cell (first game) sound bug?
version 1.5.0-507

i5 4460
GTX 970
16 GB
Win 7

All settings default but disabled all cheats except for MTVU and set resolution to x3.

Sometimes when other people speak their voices like to jump back and forth between my left and right speakers. This doesn't happen in cutscenes or when people talk to Sam directly through his... thing... he uses to communicate. So far this has only happened with people in the missions who openly speak to themselves, each other, or to Sam (in person and not through that weird thing on his neck). Is this a known issue? 

On 3.1.1-1487 I also had audio bug out during a cutscene after my training session so I skipped it. The cutscene directly after that had audio but only a black screen so I skipped it as well. Other cutscenes were fine. The audio bugs are why I updated to 1.5.0 and I haven't gone back to test those cutscenes on this latest version yet.

Update: Another cutscene without sound. Once again I just heard what a short, high pitched noise followed by nothing for the cutscene. Upon closer inspection it seems even the background noises (birds, crickets, etc) swap back and forth between left and right speakers.

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Yeah, there are many issues with the sound in this game. Changing any SPU-X audio settings doesn't seem to fix it. The compatibility reports for both NTSC and PAL versions mention similar problems, but with no solutions either.

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