[Split] GSdx: SSE questions
so do i need directx 10 in order to run sse2, 3, or 4?

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Huh? No.SSE2,SSSE3 and SSE4 are features of your processor while DirectX 10 is either supported or not from your graphics card.
If your processor supports some of these modes,use the release that suits yours,with SSE4>SSSE3>SSE2 in terms of speed (but small difference)
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So if i ran Windows Vista Home Premium with service pack 1 or 2 i can use sse4 if thats what you are saying? please reply thank you bositman.

Because i ran windows vista before when i bought my computer, i can upgrade to vista home premuim with sp1, but now i switch back to windows xp media center edition with sp3. so if im running windows xp media center edition with sp3 i would not use sse4 at all right?

But if i use windows vista home premium with sp1 then i can use sse4.1 right? please reply bositman. thank you

Nicholas Hebert
You can use SSE4 with ANY operating system,XP or Vista IF your processor supports it.Just type in your processor's name in wikipedia and you'll get a list on the supported instruction sets.
What you said applies for DirectX10 as in you can only use it in Vista and not on XP
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what about vista Home premium, I ran crysis with directx 10 because in windows vista home premium i get directx 10, but if i use windows xp media center edition, i don't get directx 10, i get directx 9 instead. Mabe its the way my machine is setup to be that way

But i have 2 dual core processors on my notebook right now with 2G Ram and Nvidia 7600gtx graphics is that good or decient enough bositman?

Nicholas Hebert
i think you are MISSING the point

SSS# is a processor ability not graphics card

and the 7xxx series is only dx9 and does not matter which OS you run, you only get DX9

(just encase you are unable to find the info i was hoping to point out...)
Direct3D and Shader version DirectX 9.0c with Shader Model 3.0

p.s. There is no such thing as a 7600 GTX and its called a dual core not a 2 dual core
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ok never mind then thank you
O ok thanks I was wondering because when I enable sse2, 3, or 4 it asks me to update my direct x.
Hard to answer.
It's because you need to update your directx.
Well, not too hard...

If you are going to say that you have already directx 9.0c or 10 it doesn't matter, you always need to update your driver : D (latest are november 2008)
btw for those who dont know: dx10 is ONLY supported by vista. xp just runs dx9. there is no way of playing dx10 in xp, never ever. and its a matter of time when microsoft quits dx9, either to force the customer to vista or cause they got at the end of dev.

have a nice day!
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