Splitscreen using teamviewer or any other remote control software, possible?
Me and my friend want to play some old PS2 games together but we live far away from each other, is there any software or plugin that we can use to enjoy the legendary local co-op/splitscreen games of the PS2?

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have you try the VGA splitter or DVI splitter box?
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(09-21-2017, 01:52 PM)smartstrike Wrote: have you try the VGA splitter or DVI splitter box?

They live far away from each other. How would that possibly work?
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TeamViewer doesn't seem to acknowledge my Xbone controller's existence and isn't passing that input to the machine running PCSX2. Similarly, while you can try to bind keyboard controls in the Pad plugin, TeamViewer doesn't send "key is held down" signals, but just keypress signals. This is why you can't easily play games that use WASD for movement controls over TeamViewer, because it just sends a lot of individual, quick presses instead of registering the key as held down.

I don't think any remote access software will support controllers like this, really, since it isn't a use case the software was really meant for.
That' right, Teamviewer can't pass XInput protocols through TCP. What you can use however is Moonlight (if you own a Nvidia card) and launch PCSX2 through there. I've done it before, but I'm not sure about split screen.

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