Spyro Enter the Dragonfly cutscene audio
So basically i decided to rip a copy of my game to enjoy it on pcsx2 as my controllers are in pretty bad shape. I'm on windows 10 pro 64 bit, cpu is i7-3770, 12gb of ram gpu is an nvidia gtx 750 Ti. pcsx2 version is the latest dev build. The issue i'm having with the game is that dialogue is slightly off with when the character's mouths are moving, and in particular at the end of the opening cutscene when spyro says "do you think we'll ever get a day off?" It cuts off at the start of the word "day" and ends the scene there. I've confirmed that the audio during the scene works just fine on my ps2, so not too sure what the issue here is, i'm using pretty stand settings with recommended speedhacks enabled. I tried disabling mtvu but that doesn't seem to really help.
I have tried both with and without the "cheat" listed to get the game working on the wiki. Both cases have the same audio issue in the opening cutscene. Was running at default resolution with opengl hardware mode, blending unit set to high.

Okay tried again with all speedhacks disabled, still having the same problem. Also tried running it off my disc, same result.

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