Spyro a new beginning
First, sorry if my english is too bad.
Second, I and a lot of persons we have a problem with this game. The hud of the menu...we can't see it. Its difficult starts a new game, and, if you can start the game, the health and mana it can't be see, and the same with the information dialogues in the tutorial. And the sound effects in my case, not sound.
Please, we need a solution to play this great game. If anyone knows how repair this, please, tell me. Thanks for read this Laugh

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maybe using the latest GIt + OGL renderer could help ...
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This is a known issue, not sure there's a solution
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This is one of a handful or so games that requires the CRC Hack Level in the GS plugin settings be set to at least "Minimal (Debug)", in this case because otherwise the HUD elements are not properly displayed. This also applies to the second game in the trilogy (The Eternal Night).

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