Squashed Burnout Revenge Purple windows bug!
Hi guys Smile can you still remember this thread? http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-purple-wi...ure-glitch

I've managed to fix the issue by coincidence Smile
Step 1: Start game with DX11(hardware mode)
Step 2: Before selecting any race or car (in main menu @ start selecting) switch back to DX9(hardware mode)

Now the windows and undersides of the car are displayed correctly! Laugh

After system reboot the issue stays gone even without the above steps Smile.. it only occured once when i loaded up a old savestate. (then follow the above steps again and poof normal windows)

[Image: tjaXN.jpg]

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Told ya your sequence could be what was wrong Tongue2
It could also be just me but the cars look better with D3D9 than D3D10/11

Anyway enjoy Smile
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