Stable releases vs. Git revisions?
I've been using the stable release of PCSX2 1.2.1 with no major issues. Earlier today, when I saw the Git Revisions tab on the PCSX2 site, I started thinking. Is it worth it to download the latest revisions and use them instead, or should I just hold steady with the stable release I already have? Is it a matter of preference? Heck, are the revisions stable for use or just current works in progress?

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the git revisions have more bugs fixed than the stable revision in most cases but, they may also cause some slight (or) small amount of bugs but, mostly that is quite rare since, the git versions are done by a small amount of expert coder's and they also have 10 step testing Tongue( bositman said before).
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I think the stable versions have some optimizations, but the git versions almost always have more features, so I personally stick with the git versions.
(12-21-2014, 08:23 AM)Clank Wrote: I think the stable versions have some optimizations, but the git versions almost always have more features, so I personally stick with the git versions.

Not so about the optimizations, It's called stable because the development is stalled for a little while and a special testing phase takes place to grant the version not to have bugs or a small chance of them.

The git versions take upon the stable and continue the development from there with 3 main focus:

1: games compatibility - increasing the amount of games the emulator is able to play.

2: performance - where possible increasing the emulation performance and reducing the system requirements.

3 - accuracy - improving the emulation and reducing the glitches and issues the games may still have.

Of those, the 1 and 3 are the emulator's development current goal, there is no much to do to increase performance anymore and when appearing they come from external software, like the APIs used in the emulation. So, better not expecting that a machine unable to play a certain game today due to performance will be able to do it in near future.

Both the compatibility and the accuracy much probably will increase the system requirements to play a certain game. newer versions requiring increasingly crescent machine power, what is realistic since more powerful machines are being released each day as well.

Someday PCSX2 emulating games will be so easy on future machines as emulating PSX, SNES, Genesis and so on is on current machines, remember that was not so at those emulator's time, Zsnes had part of it's core written in assembly just to try and squeeze the last drop of performance on those days machines which struggled to emulate SNES games, mind you...
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One of the more notable differences in the GIT versions is that pnach files / codes are supported better in comparison. In particular D and E-type codes work better in those versions than in 1.2.1.
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