Star Ocean 2
I was wondering if anyone knew if there are any existing codes or "hacks" for Star Ocean till the end of time that involves infinite health in battle (Not open menu then full health). I only ask because years years ago when the game was fairly new, I was never able to defeat Freya and I want just want a easy way to do so lol. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I'm pretty new here also lol. Thanks in advance!

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I need the region of the game and the CRC just to be safe since I am not sure if each version of the game has the same CRC on this game or not.
That's actually Star Ocean 3(title)
I was also not able to beat her even on easy at lv255 and you will also need inf mp code too because in this game you can also die from zero mp

I think I actually beat her but only when I was using cheats to max out all of my stats.
Honestly the infinite item code with shielding device (30 seconds invincibility), stun bombs (the best you can make), and resurrection mists (for when you can't stun her and your shielded character is the only one left alive) is probably the better strategy.

I was never able to get the beat Freya alone or beat Freya with X skill or attack trophies but I was able to beat her on all the difficulties using those items (with out the cheats), but that was when the game was still new(ish) and I had far better reflexes then I do now.

Basically you control a character pop a shielding device then use bombs to knock her out of her super FU attack every time she starts it, don't attack unless you are sure you will finish in enough time to block her if you think she might use the attack. When you screw up.... and you will everyone does, then your character with the shielding device will live (yea invincibility) so throw out a resurrection mist and keep on fighting. This will take a stupid amount of time if you are mearly at or near max lvl and not cheating your stats though.

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