Star Ocean 3 Audio Stutter
So, I just started using PCSX2, and so far it's great. I was surprised to see that I could run Star Ocean 3, maybe my favorite PS2 game, not only at full graphics but even clearer than in the original and that the audio quality was even crisper than I remembered -- though perhaps on account of having had a bad TV when I was younger XD
Anyway, the thing is, oftentimes -- I'd say about 75% of the time -- upon entering battle, or occasionally when multiple characters are yelling attack names simultaneously, there'll be a really nasty prolonged/glitched dialogue with their voices. This does not result from an FPS drop, as it stays around 55 - 60 at all times anyway. I checked in the sound plugin and it said to increase the buffer if there was stuttering audio, and it sorta maybe helped, but it's still a problem. Any ideas?

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Don't use pcsx 1.2.1 but use pcsx 1.1.0 instead. I don't know what cause SPU2-x problem in 1.2.1 but it worked fine in 1.1.0 r5530
switch from portaudio to xaudio and they changed portaudio to defualt before it xaudio

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