Star Ocean 3 Cancel Combos.
I played through this game multiple times on my old ps2 and had no issues pulling off cancel combos. My technique if I remember correctly was to slide between the face buttons before the previous move inputted had been completed. Recently I loaded it up on pcsx2 and it runs perfectly, but I can't seem to get the game to recognise these combos [I'm using a dualshock 3 Lilypad r4916.] What I want to know is if anybody else came across this problem, or if infact they played the game pulling off these combos without an issue. If it's the later, information on your setup would be helpful.

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They recommend to use MotionJoy for PS3 controllers if not mistaken.
I am using motionjoy.
Hey, I actually was just playing SO3.

I've been using Lilypad with an xbox controller and cancel combos work perfectly for me.

On a side note, I was going to start my own thread for SO3 but I'll ask here.

I beat end boss but I can't get it to save the "clear save" data.

Anyone get this to work? I need it to do the bonus dungeons.
I set motionjoy to emulate the ps3 controller as an xbox controller and still no joy. Just to make sure, am I even doing cancel combos properly, I'm pretty sure I'm using the same method as I did for when I played it on the ps2.

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