Star Ocean 3: Lightstone

I've had star ocean for years and have played it through about 3 times on my ps2. I've been using the emulator to play it with cheats and everything was going smoothly until I got to the section where you have to get some copper from the mine. In it you need the lightstone, which is received after killing a scripted dragon. I get the message that I got the lightstone, but it doesn't show up in my inventory. Neither can I buy it with the "shops sell all" cheat. I disabled the cheats and reloaded it but it still didn't work.

I have kept the cheats pretty much on the whole time; I read in a past post that cheats should mostly be kept off for tri ace games. I was 10 hours in with all cutscenes so I'm willing to do it over. I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered this. I think the sell all cheat may be the culprit somehow, but I have only seen two people complain about not getting the lightstone after using cheats after googling it despite the seeming fact that a lot of people use cheats for the game. So has anyone else had this happen?

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The problem is definitely caused by cheats, though I don't know which one in particular.

It's possible the damage is already done to your particular Save file even if you turn off the cheats now. You might be better off downloading a Save that's close to that area (a legit Save) and then restarting from there, at least until you get past that point.
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Have you tried reloading from a in-game save and not use the savestate? (you should disable cheats before you load the iso)

If that fails, can't you cheat the key item into your inventory?
I think it may have been the particular sell all items cheat that I was using. I couldn't buy a lot of things that with that cheat. I replaced it with one that I found on these forums and was able to buy anything. I bought the lightstone just in case but I'm going to keep the cheats off for the most part.
Keep in mind that some cheats are persistent even after you turn them off, you need to find the cheat which revert the cheat that produces that issue.

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