Star Ocean 3 - New graphic error I can't seem to fix.
Using 1.7.3046. Vulkan Renderer.(Thanks for that, finally playable on my laptop now)

Laptop is 5900HX, 6800M, 32GB 3200MHZ memory.  W10 with the latest updates and drivers.

The game always had issue with black lines on transitions and the map. There were fixes like skip draw or round sprite, but never ideal. Transition lines are gone, apparently. Map lines still there.

But now, something much worse happens no matter what options I try(Outside of Software, of course), is black garbage on the screen.

It might be hard to see in the screenshots, but look at the ground and mountain. These follow the camera.

I don't see them in DX12. But Vulkan/GL is the preferred renderer for accuracy and peed in many games. Performance is not so great for me in general with the game, but still.
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