[Star Ocean 3] Pnach file causes freezes when opening chest
i have a problem with SO3, the game always freezes when i try to open the chest while cheats are on, everything works fine when it is off, here are the cheats :

gametitle=star ocean 3 [SLUS_204.88] (E)
//Max fol after battle

//Enemy Almost Always Drops Item

//Infinite Item Usage

//Infinite Item Usage (When Inventing Items)

//Enemy Almost Always Drops Item

//Max Fol Gained After 1 Battle

//max fol upon entering menu

i know just turning it on/off can fix this, but a fix is way better than a work around, anyone can help?

or also, is there any way to bind on/off 'Activate Cheats' to a controller?

EDIT : found a thread similar to mine in here

but my log doesn't show TLB miss, the code works fine, i even tried to disable/enable to each of the code, tried opening up a chest, and still got freeze whatever cheats i turned on.

oh and the game doesn't actually freeze, music still plays, enemy still roams around, but main character crouch idly opening the chest without the chest pop-up ever appears
[Image: specifications.jpg]

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it's the max fol cheat better disable it

if your money is at maxed save it on memory card immediately then End emulation(shutdown),disable the cheats and restart and reload game
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thank you, eventhough it is still work around, this still work wonders since the other infinite items cheat still working, can sell stuff on shops infinite times

though i'm sure i've tried disabling that fol cheat, but oh well this works now
[Image: specifications.jpg]

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