Star Ocean 3 help with areas loading

I've decided to move onto Star Ocean 3. The game works perfectly for me up to a point. I have made it through the introduction area of Hyda IV, the Helre, and then Vanguard III. I made it all the way up to Norton's Hideout with no problems. The battles and map areas load up fine and play out normally. However, I'm now stuck at Norton's Hideout.

I operate the password "256" to open the locked door in there. When I go to that door and enter it, the game locks up. I don't see the next area where Norton is and to progress further. I don't understand why one area just refuses to load. The screen starts to fade as normal, but stops 1/2 to 3/4 the way through the fadeout.

I'm running PCSX2 0.9.8, with all settings at default, except controller mapping. I am using GDSx9 and an ISO. I also enabled the manual game fix so I can check the "VU Add Hack" fix that's designed for Tri-Ace games like Star Ocean 3.

Is there any help or fix for this issue?

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Set EE/IOP to Full while Extra + Preserve Sign for VU
Have u move the vu cycle slide? if yes, then load ur game from a save point, move the vu cycle to 0 and see what happend, SO3 tends to "freeze" in some cut scenes, change of map if ur using the VU speed hack.

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