Star Ocean 3 how to avoid sound glitches?
Using all Speed hacks. Running on a decent computer. 

Async mix seems to greatly effect the music and makes it sound like a real mess.
Time Stretch seems to fix the issue but then the voices are in slow robotic like voices -_- 
Switching about the volume settings seems to help at certain points but still issues keep happening.
Running at about 60-80% constant. 
Other then the sound everything else works great! 

If anyone could recommend a nice smooth setting to avoid/fix these issues i'd appreciate it. 

Sorry if I sound like a noob i'm not really a master when it comes to this kind of thing  Laugh

If I could somehow disable the music that'd be preferable.

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If you can't get constant full speed without using the EE speedhack,then nothing else can help,you will get sound glitches if async don't help
Ah ok Sad well that's unfortunate tyvm for the help!

I know I said this above but if there is anyway to turn the music off that'd be a great help Smile
I don't remember the options in the game...check if there is something for that
If there is no option,the only thing you can do is mute pcsx2,nothing else.
uhuh you can not receive private messages so I'm posting here

uhuh? Wrote:On another note i'm curious if you know any working cheats for Star Ocean 3? Saw you were into decrypting cheats in your signature(I think it was your signature, still adjusting to site xD).
I've looked over the internet with little to no success, cheat engine seems to be rather useless with this game, it's all good if you don't want to.

Here are some codes
Those codes are using v7 codebreaker encryption

And keep in mind that Tri-Ace games(SO3,VP2 and so on)are not very kind to cheating.You can damage your save without even noticing.

VP2 for example may damage your save(if the game finds out that you cheated at some point)in a way that you will not be able to continue the game soon after you start chapter 5 and there is no fix for that(in some cases it can even damage all of your VP2 saves)

So be careful and don't be too greedy like have all,max stats or cheats that must stay always enabled to get the effect of them.
tyvm Smile
For cheats:
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