Star Ocean 3 issue
Bleh, this game is giving me hell. Well not really, as in basically, the game will just show a black screen right from the beginning. I redumped my game 3 times to make sure it's not a corrupt iso, but just black screen right from beginning. settings:
config-> advanced is at default
Gsdx 10 (Hardware)
no interlacing 16:9
CPU limited to 60 FPS and right side is all checked in COnfig -> CPU
VU/ add/sub hack tri-ace games fix is checked in gamefixes
x2 cycle rate and all speed hacks checked.
Using Gsdx 1650 SSSE3 0.1.15

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press start
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First try starting it with speed hacks not started, then try enabling the speed hacks at the title screen.

If that doesn't work, try it on software mode instead of hardware. Then try it on dx9 instead of 10.
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Does it happen on other games? what is your full pcsx2 settings?
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i am finish this game soon on pxsx2
play welll this game you should:
click on game fix for tri Ace
use software render mode ( hardware render always get 2x fps only )
all setting make it fast
eg. click on "microVu", "Frames skip(i set 1 and 5 below 65fps)" , "speed hack" , "clamp mode none"
i keep 7x~10xfps
in my experience , sometimes F1 and F3 may broken the game
so , save the game more by momery card
and sometime get black screen when loading(change map or event)
dont worry, keep it load , it will be fine(or try "Esc" and "Execute" )
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oh yeah sorry for late response. It's been fixed, just had to press the start button >.> xD

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