Star Ocean 3 keyboard settings not working?
I apologize if this isn't the correct location to post this.

It seems to be a isolated issue with this particular game, my settings work perfectly when i'm playing Final Fantasy 12 but when I come to the main menu on Star Ocean my controls are useless.

I've reconfigured just about everything, started it as Admin,tried every possible setting I could,I even started the second disc image and the same problem occurred. The game seems to work great(music and intro video) other then my controls not responding.

I've also went over every guide on the internet I could find and previous post on here but none of it seems to do anything. 

I'm at a complete loss at what to do, any and all help is Greatly Appreciated! 

-Just out of curiosity is there some button to enable keyboard ingame? 
Maybe i'm just overlooking the most simplest thing  Blush

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I fixed it -_- and I truly don't really know how, I started up the second disc and it responded to my controls, asked me to insert first disc, I switched over the iso file to 1 and it loaded it right into the beginning of the game. xD Sorry for any trouble, issue fixed!

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