Star Ocean 3 running very low FPS
Hi, I just got PCSX2 and try it out with star ocean 3. I enable the tri-ace patch to run the game. During the cutscene, fps is around 30, however, during normal gameplay, the fps drop to 10-20 which is pretty much unplayable. The sound has vibration problem. Whenever a character speaks during cutscene, the voice vibrates. How do I fix sound problem and increase FPS. I'm using DX10 hardware with internal native resolution.

My spec:
Core i7 720QM
4gb ram
Geforce 260M GTX

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Fetch the latest PCSX2 beta and the beta plugins pack first:

If it's still too slow using that, try to enable a few speedhacks.
Yeah, the latest pcsx2 beta and beta plugins works nicely. I'm getting cutscene fps of 38-64 and normal gameplay fps of 40-55. The game is running smoothly now! Thanks for the help

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