Star Wars Bounty Hunter Graphics Trouble?
I'm having a problem with the graphics on star wars bounty hunter. The game runs great and i have almost no slow spots but at times, i get these "glitches". While small graphic bugs dont really bug me, It gets to the point where I cannot see whats on the screen because of all the bugs. Can someone help me?? Sad
[Image: swbh_error.png]

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Normally I do avoid answering to questions for games I don't have (and can't test then) or that I don't know specific answers from previous reports. But from the screenshot that seems a case of incorrect layer rendering. Until someone comes with more precise answer you may want to try disabling specific layers and see if that helps.

You can do it at the GS plugin config, Enable HW hacks and hit "Configure" button. At the new window try different values for "Skipdraw" ranging from 1 to 9 (you can try beyond 9 but...). Remember to return to 0 when playing another game.
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invalid bug report, moving.

Can you tell us what version of the emulator you are using, any settings etc?
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