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Star ocean: Till the End of Time
Hey guys, new around here so forgive me if I am posting about a topic already put down. I lazily sifted through the threads and didnt notice my problem being posted anywhere.

So the deal is this, I've been playing SO3 on my pcsx2 0.9.8 for a while now w/o any problems I couldn't fix myself. I have the Tri-Ace problems fixed with the start up crashing and what-not. My problem is when i go into a certain room on disc 1 in the Shrine of Kaddan all i get is a black screen. Im rather ignorant of the options and such so I've only fiddled around with the plug ins as to what i knew wouldn't make my emulator do funky things so if theres anything I'm missing please let me know.

Disregard this entire post, apparently it wouldnt work because i had loaded the game from a previous save state. i went back and tried it as a regular loading it from the load menu walked through the door with no problem. Been trying to find answers to this problem for 5 days now and it was as simple as that? i feel foolish for wasting peoples time lol. but if this can help other people see that you shouldnt always savestate your way through everyhting Laugh

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Are you using save state? best to use memory card to save as some games can have this effect when using save states
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Closing then, since it's fixed.

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