Star ocean: till the end of time
I`ve seen that now star ocean is playable on 0.9.6, so i tried to boot this(by pressing file=>run cd/dvd) but i have only black screen , if i press Run=> execute or BIOS is started but when i press on the disk image(to start the game) i have the same black screen and then it returns back to screen with 2 memory cards and disk image . I use zeroGS 0.7.1, CDVDolio 0.1.0, twinpad controller, in any other plugin configuration i have windows error when i try to start. My computer has 2gb memory, 3ggz 2core processor, 512mb GeForce video. I use gamefix for tri-ace and tried out a lot with tuning the plugins. What can you advice?
PS i saw the advice to press "start" in star ocean but which start?....
PPS sorry for my bad english.

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Are you serious? Is there any other start button on PS2 controller?
He did say his english was bad, so perhaps what hes trying to ask is when he should press the start button, if not then yeah i agree with you lol.
i`ve pressed start button on controller during black screen, nothing had happened
Did you set a button for the start in the settings of the emu? maybe you missed it.
[Image: Sig3copy.gif]
Ok, I wasn't clear enough with my advice.
The game has issues with FMV. The first thing it does after booting is play an fmv however. And that hangs.
So what you need to do is press the start button to skip it.

If that doesn't work, go back and configure your pad plugins Tongue2

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