Star ware battlefront is not working
Hey Everyone, I am trying to run star wars battlefront on PCSX2 but the graphics and audio are running very slowly and the game is lagging really bad.In addition,the sky is black for all of the Maps, I am using an ISO from my physical copy that I created using IMGburn. I have never had any issues running any other ISO's on this emulator. 

I am using an HP Envy laptop with 
intel® Core i7-4710MQ(2.25 GHZ)
Nvidia Geforce 840M dedicated graphics card 
windows 8.1, 64 bit operating system 
I have PCSX2 version 1.4.0

is their any way I can fix this?

thank you

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Some games are heavier then the others, have you checked the wiki if this game is actually playable?
Upgrading to the latest dev build will help, click the link in my signature.
The wiki already says about the latest 1.5.0 Smile
So it looks like I don't have the proper specs to run it than?
also what does this link to techpower up talking about the Radeon ™ RX 480 Graphics mean?
what does this have to do with the issue?
( I dont know very much about emulation/graphics cards)
The slowness, yeah your hardware may not be up to spec, the Battlefront games are a bit on the heavier side. As for the GPU link, that's just StriFe's signature, nothing to worry about there.

Edit: Your CPU is borderline, GPU may be a bit weak. Are you running any upscaling?
I think CK1 meant the purple line in his signature not mine hahaha Laugh
"Slaps head" yes i am, I had not even considered that, I was running x4 native and x16 anisotoptric filtering
i turned both off and I was able to play it ( albeit at a lower resolution and the black sky remained)

thanks a lot for all your help everybody!

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