Startup issue.
So, I recently downloaded the PCSX2 0.9.7, and I've got BIOS and everything else I'd ever need. I have a KH ISO file, and I use the Linuz ISO plugin. I click the button to boot the CD and it gives me this error.

Quote:error loading C:\Users\Home\Desktop\kh2.iso
CDVDiso Error: Failed loading C:\Users\Home\Desktop\kh2.iso
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(pxInvokeActionEvent) CDVD plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient resources, or incompatible hardware/drivers.(thread:EE Core)

Not sure what the problem is, I'm running Windows Vista x32, and I'm running PCSX as Admin, so does anyone know what my problem is?

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Make sure nothing else is using that iso.
If you have the iso mounted on any virtual drive, unmount it and use Linuz iso or the build in iso loader.
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Yeah, nothing is using it. Only program using it is Linuz. It also does this with FFIX too.
ffix is a ps1 game...

and as the error said try updating all your drivers install all windows updates service packs etc and maybe it will be ok.!!!!
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I've installed all updates and updated everything possible. Nothing is helping. >.>
Ok, disregard my last post. I just did a restart of my computer and now it loads. Thanks for the effort though. =D
Have you tried the built in iso loader?

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