Steam link , xbox controller
I know this question has been asked before and i have read the same solutions several times but here is my problem
just bought a steam link , followed instructions on youtube telling me how to set up pcsx2 through steam.  added the shortcut as a non steam game , added the --fullscreen and --nogui arguments and set a file path for the game , when i started it up it worked flawlessly , was able to control the game on the steam link with my xbox 360 controller , turned it off when i was done playing and here is my problem , when i turned it back on today changing absolutely nothing the controller suddenly wont work , it works for other steam games  and it works if i plug it into my pc directly but when plugged into the steam link the only button that does anything at all is a left joystick click brings up a keyboard , not even any mouse control , i have tried everything i can think of to get the controller working again , anybody have any ideas?

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