SteamBot Chronicles and Valkyrie profile 2
its been awhile since i played the pcsx2
i wanted to ask if the red screen and lines can be remove when playing VP2 in hardware mode and also if steambot chronicles is playable
thank you Biggrin

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Emm..try it for yourself ? Smile If you have this games and familiar with PCSX2..
i cant test.. i dont have my desktop with me i wont be able to test it till next week
If i remember correctly VP2 still needs modified GSDX but perhaps was some improvements in latest SVNs . Don't know about 2nd game you asking,never played it Smile
valkyrie profile 2 work perfectly, its just a heavy game
in the lost forest is a graphical glitch thats the only place it is occuring, just play in sw mode there and you will be fine for the rest of the game, dont know about steambot didnt play it.

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