Steambot Chronicles Black Landscape
I'm having difficulty getting Steambot Chronicles to run correctly on my system. It runs fine in the starting areas of the game, but when I travel to the desert area the landscape becomes fully black, as seen below. I also cannot see certain menus unless I change the plugin to software mode. The game loads the graphics correctly on software mode, but it lags terribly. Here is what my PC stats and PCSX2 settings are: 






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You ticked almost all available options and hacks in gsdx. Thats probably the reason for the black sand. I would remove all hw hacks for the beginning.

For sw mode beeing slow you should set extra rendering threads to something like 3 or 4.
It could also be the reason why some of the menu's aren't visible. If some issues persist after resetting to default options and hacks, try updating to one of the latest git releases:

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