Steambot Chronicles is tagged as playable, but I've heard otherwise.
It's tagged as playable, but I've seen several posts saying that if it is played on PCSX2 or a PS3, the game is unfinishable because you are unable to talk to dandelion and progress the story.

Is that fixed in newer versions of PCSX2, or is the compatibility list wrong? Don't want to start and not be able to finish.

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It could be wrong, we don't test the full game unless a user has played it all as we have many games to test, completing all of them would be an arduous task, so we make a best guess based on a couple of hours of play
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If you just want to play through the game without much hassle then I don't recommend that you use PCSX2. Currently the game has graphical issues with missing visual effects and a strangely varying framerate. You'll have to stick to the original hardware for this one.

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