Steps to Play a PS2 CD on pcsx2
So I have been browsing through this wonderful forum and have been unable to find out how to play a actual ps2 cd rom on this emulator. I have found one post about this topic but no one actually said how to do it. When I set up my configuration it only asks me for ISOs not the ability to play a cd. I am aware you can dump your games onto a thumb drive using a ps2 but am trying to avoid doing that. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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they always recommend to make an image out of your original disc, cause it will be faster, since well a harddrive has a better access time then a dvd/cd-drive ever will have Smile Also that way you know that your disc will survive a bit longer Smile
anyways, if you still want to use your physical DVD, you just have to set your DVD plugin to gigahertz DVD plugin, then configure that plugin to match the DVD letter to your current DVD reader.

Finally, under "CD/DVD" menu, choose plugin.

Use system->Fast boot and there you go.

Better follow Strife's advice, anyways....
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