Sticky Controller Buttons
I've been using PCSX2 for about a week now, and everything is mostly working great.

However, I'm having some issues with buttons/keys sticking in certain situations.

For instance, when playing Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights, sometimes when I enter the map or warp screens, the arrow will be stuck moving to the right or left, making it impossible to navigate through the maps. Most of the time with that game, I can save and exit the emulator, restart it, and it will be working fine. Sometimes I have to exit and restart the emulator 3-4 times before the behavior clears up.

Also, when loading the emulator with the "No Disc" option to manage my memory card/save files, it's consistently stuck on the left arrow so that I can't navigate through the various files listed on the card.

When playing other games (Kingdom Hearts 1 mostly, but I've played a few others like Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go with my nephew), I have no problems. The buttons are mapped properly using the Lilypad plugin (0.10.0 r4600), and work fine. My controller is a Logitech Dual Action, and I've used it with emulators for various other (older) consoles with no problems.

Like I said, I can usually restart the emulator a few times to clear the problem for the Scooby Doo game, but can't seem to clear the issue when loading the No Disc option for memory card maintenance.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I'm not getting any errors in the Program Log, and like I said, the buttons all work fine in most of the games. I've tried googling the issue and searching the forums here, but haven't been able to find any helpful suggestions. I'm hoping somebody can help me out.

Thanks. :)

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That's because the pad is uncalibrated and/or the deadzone is too small. That applies to the analog stick.

First test the controller at Windows (devices and printers, right click the controller icon -> game controller settings -> properties -> test. If needed try to calibrate it. If you can't get the pointer centralized and steady the controller might be defective).

Anyway you may try increasing the dead zone at the controller plugin config.

Edit: or may be really a problem with that game (I can't say for sure, I don't have it and have not seen reports about similar problems).
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Yeah, I've tested and recalibrated the controller in Windows, and everything works fine except the issues I listed before. My biggest issue is with being able to edit my memory card files to delete unwanted saves, etc, and from what I've been able to google, there are other applications out there to do that. I just thought I would attempt to get the native method working before I had to download and install another program.

Thanks though. Smile
If you get the issue even in the BIOS, then the problem is surely with you gamepad. Of course is advised you delete all the configuration files already existent and let the emulator remake then from scratch. Reinstalling the emulator is advisable also (after performing the first step), in a clean folder, FAR from C:\Program Files... or any other Windows proper folders (what includes C:\Users and anything inside it, like Documents and Desktop).

PS: I'd not be surprised if you tell me the emulator is installed at that C:\Program Files already instead a user created folder, something like C:\Emulators... or even another partition (driver letter).

More yet, if Win8 is advisable not having games at C: at all !!!! (Microsoft should be more coherent and force all third party applications outside Windows partition at once). On the user side, not having common applications installed at C: is just sane and performance friendly (to experts is recommended having folders like Documents, and all those hardlinked moved to outside C: also).
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I went in and rechecked the calibration settings, as what you said did seem to make sense. I returned the calibration to default and the issues are gone. I guess when I calibrated the analog sticks, I wasn't pressing them straight. Blah. At least it's all working now. Thanks again for the suggestion. :D

I'm still on Vista, but the emulator is installed on an external hard drive. For some reason, even though I installed directly to the external, my memory cards are located in a Documents directory on the C drive. ...*edit* I was going to ask for a way to change it and then I found it in the configuration menus. Sorry to be such a dunce. :(
Having config, save files and such at Documents folder is not a problem. The problems arise when trying to run applications from inside those folders. That thing about the Program Files folder applies to Vista also.
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Add the portable.ini file to the PCSX2 folder to have it run in portable mode and have everything by default from the PCSX2's folder itself in your external drive. Though I don't remember if it need to have the line inside or just exist.
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