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Frame skip no, the rest yes. But I doubt you have a valid bug report for these...
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but the bug isn't for a specific's actually for all games i tested so far :/
and i do have a decent report i followed all of Krakatos' instructions
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Go ahead and post it then, make sure there isn't a thread for that game already. If it's for all games it's probably not a bug but anyway just post it and we'll see Tongue
Edit: if it's the 'problem' in your other post don't bother. You probably missed all those warnings that vu skip breaks games.
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i see...well i'll try normal mode, i olny used vu skip before... Wacko
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I have one question. If the game is not working(black screen) and in DOS screen one code is looping still and still, should I report this? I'm thinking about a bug report thread for Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, but I don't want to make useless thread if it wasn't a significant problem. :c
Yes, you should. But first make sure 1) It has not been reported in another thread 2)You've tested with different settings, PCSX2 versions and the latest SVN (if possible)
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Ok, I saw there is already thread, so I just put post with this problem there.
Krakatos Wrote:Latest official release (currently 0.9.6)

Change it to Latest official release (currently 0.9.8) Tongue2
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ok thanks for mentioning it Tongue2
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Can CPU options be updated so it reflects the new UI?
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