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The purpose of this thread is to collect all of the useful tools that are present in this section in one place. There were way too many stickies before this and a lot of useful tools that hadn't been stuck for that reason. This thread will be organized based on the type of tool and you can find the index below. If you know of a tool that you think should be included here, please send me a private message about it.


Controller Wrappers

ScpToolkit aka ScpServer Reloaded - The latest and greatest wrapper for using your DS3 in Windows. Supports fake/counterfeit/off-brand controllers as well!
Xinput Wrapper for DS3 and Dual DS2 controller - The go to DS3 wrapper for a long time. Still works great, however no longer developed.
Dinput Wrapper for SCP Driver - Allows the previous tool in this list to work properly with Dinput games.
InputMapper - A great tool for using your DS4 in Windows. No longer supported on these forums, go here for support.
DS4 Windows - Another great tool for using your DS4 in Windows.
DS4 to Xinput Wrapper - Yet another tool for using your DS4 in Windows, this one is no longer developed.


General Cheating Tools

Multi Converter - A great tool for managing cheats for use with PCSX2.
PCSX2CE - Another good tool for working with cheats and pnach files.
Quick pnach tool - A tool for quickly creating pnach files from already converted codes.
SStatesMan - A savestate managing tool.
Project Unification - A comprehensive cheat database manager.


Game Specific Cheating Tools

FFXED - A Final Fantasy X save editor.
Final Fantasy X Editor - Another Final Fantasy X save editor.
Celsius - A Final Fantasy X-2 save editor.
Final Fantasy X-2 Save Editor - Another Final Fantasy X-2 save editor.
Ivalice SE - A Final Fantasy XII save editor.
FFXII Editor - Another Final Fantasy XII save editor.
Sparking - A DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi trainer/editor.
Dragon Quest VIII Save Editor - A save editor for Dragon Quest VIII.


PCSX2 Frontends

PCSX2 Bonus - A really good frontend for PCSX2.
Spectabis - A new frontend for PCSX2 that aims to be better than the rest.
PS2Lunch - A simple launcher for PCSX2.



PCSX2dis - An excellent disassembly/game hacking tool for PCSX2.
PCSX2 Widescreen Helper - A tool to help in the creation of widescreen hacks for PCSX2.
PCSX2 SaveState Preview Tool - A tool for previewing save states while running PCSX2.
Gigaherz's FMVTool2 - A tool for extracting FMV MPEG2 streams from PS2 games.
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