Still kinda new, not sure what to do about this problem.
The first time I booted up PCSX2 and played a game, everything went fine. But the next time, I was getting this when trying to play Manhunt:
[Image: SHUiRHK.jpg]

It's like all the light sources on the level are shining through the walls or something.

I also tried playing San Andreas and it looked like this:
[Image: DZvANNu.jpg]

Kinda like there's a transparent image overlayed on it, and the transparent image moves when I move too.

Is this a common error? Anyone know what might be up?

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Enable hardware hacks and use Skipdraw 3. That should fix it. At least for GTA SA it should. Not sure about manhunt cause i dont have that game.
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
i5 3570k OC'ed 4.2ghz
8gb ram
Geforce GTX 770
Manhunt is unplayable in hardware mode. Cant remember about for software mode...
For GTA- Skipdraw 3 hacks works, but causes some breakable objects to dissapear after been broke(street lamps,etc.)
Thank you! The skipdraw hack did work for San Andreas. Sadly, couldn't get Manhunt to work no matter which mode I set it to.

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