Still mouse problems
I been trying and surfing through the previous threads, and nothing seems to help my situation. Im trying to configure my mouse to act as the left analog stick, to play AvP Extinction.

I've tried putting on many different settings and no matter what the screen just goes up and to the left, almost as if i was constantly moving the mouse, but im not even touching it. Very annoying

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Since you are not using pad you could try disabling the Xinput (xbox 360...) ... maybe the whole Game device API.
And try disabling Monitor when in background too.

PS: I notice you don't have the digital pad set up, That may be a problem with many games (don't know anything about the games you are actually playing). The right analogic pad although useful is not that much as these others.

Anyway that setup I would hate to use at almost anything I can think about, even if you manage to get it working; still, again, I don't know the specific game you are playing (or your keyboard layout, it may make more sense in some gaming one).
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Try configuring the remaining buttons, as nosisab Ken Keleh said already yu migh need to use the digital ones.

For the mouse problem try changing the mouse API to RAW or DirectInput, disable "monitor in background" and XInput which you don't need.
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You need a mouse button to enable the mouse on and off in Lilypad. I know that with the PS2 if you turned analog off during a game sometimes it would move up to the left or right diagonal constantly. I don't think you need an analog key but you could test just to make sure.
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