Stop Slowdown in PCSX2
I everyone,

Is there a way of stopping games in PCSX2 from running in slow motion when the FPS is quite low, or running in fast motion when the FPS is huge (i.e. when Turbo mode is enabled)?

I run Timesplitters 3 almost perfectly, but when I play deathmatch on a map called Siberia, the FPS can get low enough to make the game run in slow-motion (30-40fps).

Also, is there a way of changing the FPS limit, because some people manage to run the game at 60fps, whereas, I can only run it at 50fps (without going into turbo mode).

Thank you very much, Cam


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removing FPS limit wont give you more speed
PAL games have 50 FPS 100% speed
NTSC games have 60 FPS 100% speed
read the FAQ for more information
Try speed hacks to help out in those slow maps.

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