Strange FFXII Problem
Hey, I had a question for everyone about Final Fantasy XII.

I can run the opening cut scenes and CGI at a full 60 FPS. However, when i get to the actual gameplay my FPS plummets to 20-30. Why would I be getting full FPS with the more demanding CGI cut scenes but only 20-30 FPS in game?

Windows 7 32 Bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz
NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
DirectX 11

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Cutscenes don't add any load to your very weak 8400 graphics card. But when the game actually renders the 3D scenes, the load is on your graphics card which can't take it. All you can do is check 'native' in GSdx or upgrade your graphics card
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k thx. What pisses me off is a week after i bought my current laptop. it was upgraded to come with a NVIDIA Geforce 9400 for the same price.
CGIs are pre-rendered, so the majority of the load is taken by the rendering farms during production. They should play back just like a video would, and obviously watching a video is less stressful on the graphics card than rendering scenes in real-time.

Even if you had the 9400M, I'd imagine you'd still be struggling to get full FPS in game.

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