Strange Interesting Forum Bug
I'm having a really weird issue that's happening to me here with the forums.

I am unable to see replies to any thread while I am logged in, & can only see them  while I'm logged out.

I'm only able to see the OP.  No replies are listed while I'm logged in.  Yet they appear when I'm logged out.


Or I'm wondering if it might only be posts of "blue" members that I can't see while I'm logged in?  Yellow members as well it seems.  Looks like I can see white member posts.

Doesn't seem to be a caching issue either.

I'm not sure what's happening here. Logging out shows all replies (seemingly).

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* Have you cleared all of the cookies you have for
* What browser are you using along with any relevant addons and does it happen with multiple browsers

Can you also test logging in while in Incognito mode.
[Image: zRORpDo.png]
Oh whoops. Looks like it was a bad element choice in my adblocker that I guess I did a while ago. My bad.

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