Strange Persona 3 Lag
So persona runs at 50fps pretty much all the time, but I've been getting this weird slowdown. Sometimes it'll happen when I'm inside tartarus or other spots, there doesn't seem to be any particular area that triggers it, but the game slows down horribly. But here's the weird thing, the emulator reports that it's still running at 50fps. I don't get it. When the game ACTUALLY slows down, like when there's a lot of characters on screen at once, it'll dip down to 45 fps, which is what the emulator says, but this other slowdown doesn't seem to be happening in the emulator, but rather in game instead. Does anyone know what the deal here is?

I also get those weird texture artifacts, but I've enabled the persona 3 gamefix, and I'm using the latest GSDX. Is this normal?

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