Strange Thing abaout CPU Usage...
Hello Everyone!

Using the latest PCSX2 Playground and trying to play tekken 5 on it i discovered something strange.
My specs: E8400 @3,6ghz, 2GB Ram, 8800GT
Even on the 3,6ghz cpu the game runs in the fight with 39-42 fps, (80%)
but when i open taskmanager, shoud my cpu usage not be at 100% ore arounf 98%? well its not above 68%. I thought CPU Power is the main thing to speed up emulation. So which CPU speed would it take to play tekken 5 in 50fps? has anyone managed this so far? or is there another reason why this game can not run above 39-42 fps? when i run my cpu on normal speed, 3 ghz, should the speed of the emulator not be arounf 30-35 fpd then? well, its the same as it is with 3,6ghz... strange thing. Can anyone explain this to me? i already read the thread / sticky about pcsx2 speed, but found no explanation there. i am using the latest plugins taht came with the pcsx2 playgound package. tried several options, it only gets worse, 42 fps in a fight in tekken 5 is the best i get. the menus and all other is running in full speed.


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I see two possible explanations for this:
  1. If you're playing directly from disc, the drive can't keep up. If you're using an image, perhaps your HDD is too slow?
  2. Your GPU can't keep up, altough judging by the screen, I somehow doubt that. It's not exactly a complex scene so it should be alright. Can you check the GPU usage somehow? ATI's CCC has fancy gauges Tongue
it's me or this E8400 is kinda ***** when using it on PCSX2
i've see many problems like yours with the same CPU regarding PCSX2

there was a guy with an E2180 clocked at 3ghz +8800GT running the game full 60+


you haven't properly configured the emulator
also make sure you are using GSDX for the graphics section

strange though Glare
This CPU percentile is just o'k. pcsx2 use 2 threads, one for EE (and some other stuff) and one for GS (graphics). Well, as you see one of you cores have 95-98% load. It's hard to predict wich one is where, but you could be avare, that cores threads should be synchronized.
Hm, i am playing from an image. and dont think it is my hd because in this fighting scene the hd isnt loading anything at all, i turned the sound plugin off. anyway, i dont think that the game reads more than 30mb per second.
The GPU.. i try to figure out that, bu i doubt that the gpu as so much impact on the emlulator speed. as you sayd, it is no very complex scene.
the only thing left is that my E8400 is not very goot cpu for emulating psx2. has someone any suggestion which proc. would be better? Quadcore at 4x3ghz? i am obesses to get this game working at full speed, no matter the cost ;-) just kidding, but i was thinking of buying a new cpu anyway.
i am using the gdsx plugin, tried all possible options in pcsx2, no effect.
:-( there must be a way... E8400 @ 4,5 ghz maybe ? Blink

GSdx reports how much % of your GPU is being used (Gabest meant it as in how much % of the GS thread is being used from your CPU) so what you see in the rendering window is Graphics card power usage and in task manager your actual cpu usage
[Image: newsig.jpg]
If one of your cores is running near 95% then the emulator is doing as much as it possibly can to utilize your system resources. The other core, which in your case is the GPU, must wait for the first core to feed it the data it needs to complete its own tasks. Previous versions of Pcsx2 used brute-force spin-wait loops to manage threads, which made the CPU usage sit nearer 95%, but actually hurt overall performance (and would have caused your CPU to run hotter than it needed to). Playgroud avoids both of those shortfalls, and in return usually runs 10% faster because of it.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
the speed of your cpu is fine, but you could try and enable all speed hacks and under advanced options: "flush to zero" + "denormals are zero" (checked for both fpu/vu).

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