Strange lagging!
Look. I know that's we're not supposed to post things about lags and stuff... But, every time I play Kingdom Hearts II on PCSX2, it lags a little. So when I want to my village for a weekend, I opened my PC, And instead of opening windows and doing random stuff like I always do, I directly opened PCSX2 and started playing. You'll never believe what happened. There were almost completely NO LAGS!!! It was incredible so I thought maybe I had to not open anything and instead just play for no lags to occur. I did that and it was OK. I thought I had found it until I returned to the city. Then when I opened my computer and started PCSX2, the lags had returned, so I thought: How come the lags don't occur in the village so that I will stop the from here too... Please, I need help, I got used to the clear playing and now I can't play because it seems really slow...

Also it should be noted that I had no internet connection at my village but I kept my bluetooth on the entire time.

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its highly possible programs running in the background are using quite a bit of CPU

programs like window messenger and skype will chew through availible RAM and often use quite a bit of CPU and they may have not run whilst your computer had no internet connection
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One of the common cause of lagging is clock's unstable and also overheating. When my CPU is not cool enough it will lag like hell every 3-5 seconds
Just look up for other tasks/programs taking the CPU's processing speed. Sometimes Pcsx2 lags a tiny bit for me when I'm downloading files of the net. Also, no. Your laptop doesn't feel like running stuff faster in your village because he likes rural areas. It's just a coincidence probably.
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