Strange lines in Devil Summoner 2
Hello!  I've been playing Devil Summoner 2 (or Raidou 2, whichever you prefer) on PCSX2 1.4.0 and so far it's been fantastic!  After doing some of the usual fixes I'd read about like using D3D9 instead of DX11 and such, it looks great and runs great!  However, there is this strange issue of some lines in the menus... here's an example:


Obviously it's not a HUGE deal, it's just kind of strange, so I wanted to see if anyone had some insight on how I might fix this.  I'm not sure what settings are relevant to post, but I'm just using the stable build of 1.4.0 with gsdx rendering with D3D9 with an internal res of 4x native.  Thanks!

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So why is it better to use D3D9 instead of DX11, its the first time I've read that.
If you use the DX11 renderer, the backgrounds start having strange effects.  I'd take a screenshot but I'm not at home at the moment.

Edit: This is specifically for the Devil Summoner games. I don't know of DX11 having detrimental effects as a general thing, though.

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