Strange lines in the output rev 471
I get some strange lines when i open the rev 471 even if im not emulating anything so i wanna know if it's normal or not

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Don't worry, that's fine.
If you compile PP yourself, comment pcsx2/windows/SamplProf.cpp line 163. I have no idea what the profiler does (haven't really looked into the source yet) but this effectively disables the output, whatever it means. Tongue

Wrong section btw Wink
lol tnks but i have no idea about compilation tnks for ur answer and where am i suposed to post this?
Here if you're using Playground, which I assumed in the first place because of your executable's filename (396_PPr471_pcsx2_vm.exe), sorry if i assumed wrong. Blush
oh my bad XD thought beta means rev build XD tnks u were not wrong

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